Glacier Goddess Gathering is more than just a gathering — it's an educational, healing support system inspired and authored by Barbara Ellen especially for those who have experienced spiritual and/or sexual abuse.  Her vision is not only for your own empowerment to create the life of your dreams and becoming all of what you desire to step into - but also bringing forth a band of feminine love-force by healing and empowering women (and men) for the healing of our planet.

Here we hold a clear intention for your personal empowerment.  It is time for our transformation.  As we heal ourselves,  and empower the divine feminine we can be the change and create a world of peace and safety…

We are excited to have you join us. 

We will be focused on awareness and consciousness practices for transformation and the creative power of feminine energy.  Come, be nurtured, learn and re-member your magic.   As our community grows empowered women, we heal our world.

The only way to have harmony, pleasure and peace on earth is if we re-member and re-connect to our highest selves.   Let's set aside the ways of the world and society as it is now and re-claim our god-essence as the feminine.  Let us bring back to light the truth of her creative nature.