Welcome to Kalispell Conscious Cuddle

Kalispell Conscious Cuddle Party is a social workshop to learn and practice healthy boundaries and conscious communication skills.  This workshop is about nurturing compassion and affectionate touch, conscious communication, self-empowerment and human connection in a non-sexual environment.

This workshop is educational and FUN.  Come ready connect on a new level, make new friends and cuddle up!   As humans, we need touch and affection.  It's scientifically proven that nurturing, welcomed consensual touch is good for you.  Good for your body, heart and spirit.  It lowers your blood pressure, relaxes your nervous system, stabilizes your emotional health and strengthens your ability to connect and trust people.  

It’s grown-ups in pajamas! We will build communication skills asking for what you want, refusing what you don't want, and exploring new situations playfully and fearlessly. Share a hug, give a back rub, have a conversation, snuggle up with friends new and old, or just sit and enjoy a light hearted evening

We will begin in circle and create a safe environment. A few moments will be taken for each participant to introduce themselves beginning with your facilitator. The first 30 - 50 minutes will be instruction for Creating Safety, Conscious Communication, Conscious Touch for the Conscious Cuddle. You will be invited to participate in a Creating Boundaries Exercise and empower your “NO” as well as some Conscious Communication guidelines. From there, we will be invited to Cuddle up, connect, play and share for the remaining time!

This is a workshop for raising consciousness in relationship, practicing conscious communication, responsibility and getting in touch with ourselves. It is an opportunity to learn our "NO" and practice using it in a safe environment.

What to expect: A warm, loving, clean and safe environment.

What to bring: You may bring water. A blanket, pillow, cozy socks since we will take our shoes off at the door.

What to wear and how to prepare for this workshop: Please shower and wear nice, clean comfy -(NOT lingerie or clothing to encourage sexual encounters) - just comfortable clean clothes - . (Brush your teeth and bring some breath mints - don't eat any onions if you want to get the most out of this cuddle... :)  ) Shoes will be removed at the door so you may want some warm socks.

What NOT to bring: No Alcohol, No Drugs, No Smoking This workshop and environment is to create a safe place for people to connect.   Please help us create safety here.  This workshop and environment is intended to be a safe place for people to connect.  This is a non-smoking, alcohol and drug free environment.  Do not use any mind-altering substances prior to attending.   

There will be light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages provided. If you wish to bring a healthy snack to share that is always welcome!

Space is limited so buy your tickets early because, once we fill up there will be no door tickets.

Location, Time and Cost: Please see the ad which led you here.