This Gathering is especially for the empowerment of women.  To give women back their voices, to give them back the power the patriarchal system has deprived them of for too long.  When women come into their power, the world will come into peace and balance.

We will be exploring the following modalities for transformation, self discovery and empowerment, relaxation, rejuvination and camaraderie.   

  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Access Consciousness Bars®  - Delete the files of limitation which have held you back and access your consciousness to create a new reality!  One full day will be dedicated to Access Bars® giving you the ability to gift and receive this transformational modality to friends and family as well as start your own practice and get paid for your time.
  • Ayurvedic Awareness - The Science of Life and Longivity.   Using the tools of Ayurveda, we discover our constitution (type).  This information is key to living to the fullest.   Each person is unique - we each have a unique system which receives what it needs through the energies of certain foods, environment, lifestyle and spiritual practices.   Be empowered to follow your own path to wholeness.
  • Sacred Relationship, Sacred Sexuality, Healing Sexual Trauma - Step into your power and what you have always known and stop the cycles of societal/spiritual/sexual abuse.    An introduction to the Psychology of The Chakra's and the Science of Alchemy and practical use of this science for relationship between masculine and feminine / men and women.  Re-member and re-connect to your magic -  your conscioiusness, your spirit, your body.   Awareness is key to the ability to choose pleasureable, intimate, soulmate relationship.
  • Shamanic Breathwork™ - a powerful healing process that reconnects participants with their own “Inner Shaman.”  Old wounds, limiting beliefs and dysfunctional patterns are released and transformed. Individuals may reclaim lost soul parts and remember their true purpose. Reclaiming their wholeness as they re-member themselves.
  • Reiki
  • Detox Treatments
  • Walking Meditations
  • Ceremony
  • plus more

REGISTRATION: Please as far in advance as possible by submitting the form at this LINK

Upcoming events and specific information regarding date, time, cost, co-facilitators and other information here: EVENT CALENDAR HERE 

WHAT TO WEAR: Wear your Goddess Clothing that brings out that energy in you.

WHAT NOT TO BRING:  No alcohol, drugs or smoking allowed on premises.   


Glacier Goddess Gathering is more than just a gathering — it's an educational, healing support system inspired and authored by Barbara Ellen especially for women who have experienced spiritual and/or sexual abuse.  Her vision is not only for your own empowerment to create the life of your dreams and becoming all of what you desire to step into - but also bringing forth a band of feminine love-force by healing and empowering women (and men) for the healing of our planet.

“How can somebody be bad from whom the kings are born, the prophets are born? How can there be a doormat, chick, prostitute? Call her anything, all names are wrong. These are angry expressions. These expression belong to the animal in that woman; woman is nothing but an extraordinary radiance of God itself. There is nothing more celestial, nothing more high, nothing more in experience in brightness of the self in creativity. There is nothing more miracle than to be a woman. She is fulfillment of dreams; she is fulfillment of conceptions, all concept and all projections. Man is a helper in this game.” 
–Yogi Bhajan