The philosophy and education of Tantra give you the tools for life practice to create harmony in all relationships as well as the sex education which is sorely lacking in our world today.

Tantra is the tools for Living Alchemy.  We discover deep within ourselves the power of our true nature and our connection to Source!  Tantra gives us the tools to transform our living by uniting our humanity to our infinite god-essence.  Initial tools are Tantric philosophy and education in the practices and principals for Embodied Awareness.

Our awareness here is that all trauma on our planet (outside of natural disaster) is based in the unconscious and abusive use of the life force energy which runs us.  We believe it is imperative change the mentality in relationship to our intimate, and relational aspect of living.  It has to do with living, relating, intimacy, sex and connection to spirit through the body. 

99.999% of people on our planet are unaware of their authentic nature as an infinite being and when it comes to intimacy and ‘sex’ the level of consciousness is at about ground zero.  We can only have peace on earth when we truly come to pay gratitude, honor and respect of the creative, spiritual life-force energies and empowerment of the Divine Femine within us all.  It has to do with all aspects of living and relating.

On a practical level – the philosophy gives us tools for healthy, conscious, pleasureable living and soul-mate relationship, intimacy and sex between men and women.

This is the education that is sorely lacking on our planet and is the counter opposite to what we’ve been taught through religion (shame, judgment and suppression of the feminine) and society (pornography and media exploitation)

Tantric Education gives you the tools for transformation as well as the awareness upfront so that you can make choices that will be in your highest interest.  It also gives you the tools to transform 'normal' relations into exquisite, intimate soulmate relationships.