TANTRIC HEART ENERGY MEDICINE CERTIFICATION COURSE  is available to qualified students.   This practice is focused on (but not limited to) education in relationship to intimacy and sacred sexuality.   

Gain a level of understanding as well as practices and principals for healing relationship, intimate and sexual dysfunction. 

  • Personal growth and transformation
  • Practitioner / Life Coach
  • Relationship, Intimacy and Sacred Sexuality Education
  • Healing The Issues Of Abuse  

There is a lot of interest in spirituality and in becoming conscious these days... and only when we integrate our sexual nature to our spirituality can we be awaken to our capacity to be all we are created to be.    

Tantra is the tools for living alchemy.  This ancient and sacred science unlocks the mysteries of our authentic nature and maps out the path for liberation through the body.  In Tantra we speak of two eternal realities of Shiva and Shakti.  Shiva is consciousness and Shakti is energy.  When Shiva and Shakti are in harmony Kundalini can awaken.  This is awakening is the key to unlocking our full potential.     

Tantric living is the practice of deep awareness, authenticity, allowance and transformational love.   It is the tools and path to our infinite god-essence.  It has to do with kundalini and connection to spirit through the body.  

Our awareness here is that all trauma on our planet (outside of natural disaster) is based in the unconscious use of the life force energy which runs us.  We believe it is imperative change the mentality in relationship to our intimate, and relational aspect of living. 

99.999% of people on our planet are unaware of their infinite nature and when it comes to intimacy and ‘sex’ the level of consciousness in our world is at about ground zero. 

The education is benefitial for personal growth, healing and transformation.  We offer private - in person or online coaching as well as workshops. 

- Tantra education for living healthy, conscious soul-mate relationship and exquisite sexual sharing.  

-Tantra education as a spiritual path - uniting to our full capacity from body to spirit.  

- Tantra as Sex Education - healing sexual abuse, trauma, addiction and dysfunctions