(Healing Relational,Spiritual and Sexual Trauma)

Shamanism is about going deep within the psyche, finding the core of one's deepest wounding to identify it,  be with it, to transform it.  We go deep.  Tantra is about exquisite body awareness, coming to be so aware of every thought, feeling, emotion and all that is.  Using this awareness we know which way our soul needs to move in order for us to be serving our highest purpose. When we follow the unique path of our own bodies, Tantra awareness moves us towards transcendence.

We will be learning how to create sacred sexual ceremonies for healing and looking at how to discipline the body, mind and emotions to surrender to authentic, divine love.  We will learn Shamanic Tantra  Healing  practices to access and release energetic blocks that create disconnection within ones self.  We will learn how to create new-neural pathways for deeper connection and bliss within self, connected to spirit and another.   We bring awareness to the the ocean of bliss in all aspects of life and discover the secret of "The Secret", learn how to use your energy to define and manifest the world you choose to create.

What this is about?  It's Sensual Healing.  E- Sensual (Essential) Healing.  Actually it's more about transformation.  Learning to be embodied and living through the senses instead of letting our thoughts, feelings and emotions run our lives.


  • Learning to communicate boundaries, needs and desires
  • A sense of ease in your male/female body
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Renewed vitality
  • A way of growing and healing your sexuality
  • A consciousness and connection with spirit
  • Moving towards rich, pleasurable  and heart-centred relationships
  • Experiencing yourself as a vibrantly alive man or woman
  • Learning that you are strong enough to hold all you feel
  • Allowing yourself to be tender and vulnerable
  • Living with passion and love

LEVEL 2:  

  • Transform your way of thinking in relationship to pleasure and sexual intimacy
  • Learn techniques to awaken to deeper connection and pleasure
  • Enjoy new ways of understanding your body, desire, and energy
  • Release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Get the power of language and gain tools for conscious communication
  • Release guilt, shame, or repression to better enjoy the power of now
  • Learn how to have a more satisfying emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and sexual life
  • Improve your skills for healthy intimacy
  • Learn the psychology of the Chakra's
  •  Your health and vibrancy though embracing and enhancing your sexual energy
  • Dramatically improve your sex life and lovemaking skills
  • Potential of sex and the first step to mastery
  • The most common mistakes that destroy or block pleasure
  • Become more masterful in love
  • Become a healer for yourself and those you love
  • Home Play / Home-work
  • Puja

LEVEL 3:  

  • Putting It Into Practice - Become A Masterful Lover
  • Rituals To Melt Her Heart
  • Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine
  • Male Sexual Healing and Awakening
  • Multiple Orgasmic Man (every man is)
  • Tantra Wave - How To Sustain Arousal and Make Love For Hours
  • Mistakes we make that block and destroy pleasure
  • Conscious Communication
  • Female Sexual Healing and Awakening
  • Restoring Love and Passion in Relationship
  • Home Play / Home-work
  • Puja
  • (More information coming soon)


  • Kundalini awakening - what is this energy and how does it manifest
  • Spiritual Emergency ( You are not crazy )
  • Agreements, Conscious Communication, Responsibility and Integrity
  • It's all just energy.  Understanding energy 
  • Life Force Energy - Connection to Source and Personal Empowerment
  • Sex Magic - how to use your energy to manifest your dreams and desires
  • More information coming soon!