If you are seeking advise and education for creating healthy, pleasurable and sustainable relationships, learning the secrets to masterful loving or learning to heal relational trauma, I have listed below some topics of focus and session options.  What you choose will be enhanced with your personal goals in mind. 

As your guide, I have one agenda... To support you as best as I can - compassionately and as honestly as possible towards your  capacity for full awareness in body, mind, emotion and spirit.  


  • Creating sacred space
  • Agreements
  • Responsibility in relationship
  • How to create deeper connection and develop trust
  • How to express desires and talk about intimate and vulnerable topics with partners
  • Cause of male and female dysfunction
  • How to create an environment for love, intimacy and pleasure
  • The psychology of the energy centers (Chakra‚Äôs)
  • Conscious touch
  • Role of the masculine and feminine
  • Role of giver and role of receiver
  • Conscious communication, The Power of Language
  • Holding space
  • Healthy emotional intimacy
  • Reclaiming sexuality after trauma, abuse, addiction or neglect
  • Re-ignite love and passion even after years of relational dysfunction
  • Attracting The Beloved
  • Conscious Living, Conscious Loving, Conscious Sexing